The Millionaire Readers Club has Its First Member!

Congratulations go to the first inductee into our Millionaire Readers Club, Rebekah McCray!  Rebekah read over 1,000,000 words this year, as measured by Accelerated Reader.  The benefits of membership include a membership card, a late fee coupon, and she attended our annual Nintendo Wii party on February 22.  We’re so proud of Rebekah for reaching this huge goal!


Scholastic’s 100 Greatest Books for Kids

The good people over at Scholastic have compiled a list of what they consider outstanding books for children.  It can be separated by age group, genre, award-winning, etc.  It’s a great resource, especially if your child is stumped about what to read next.

Scholastic’s 100 Greatest Books for Kids

Husky Readers: Hunger Games Series

So far, the new Husky Readers Book Club has been a hit!  The first sixth grade group has read Hunger Games and Catching Fire so far.  The first seventh grade group has read Hunger Games.  I can’t wait to get a new group started since we still have lots of people who want to read the entire trilogy!

6th grade “Catching Fire” book club

Book Review: Matched by Ally Condie


by Ally Condie

Cassia lives in the perfect world; everything from what you eat each day, how much leisure time you have, where you work, and who you will marry is decided for you.  The Society has all kinds of computer programs and DNA tests to decide the optimal life for you.  But what if you want pie for breakfast?  Or you would like to jog on the sidewalk instead of a treadmill? Or choose your own profession and spouse?  These are the dilemmas Cassia faces after being Matched with one boy and finding another boy’s face on the screen when looking at his data card.  Should she accept the life the Society tells her to lead or fight for the life she wants?  Fans of dystopian futures and science fiction will enjoy this first book in the “Matched” trilogy.