Book Review: Chains

by Laurie Halse Anderson

Isabel is a 13-year old slave who was promised freedom upon her master’s death, but was instead sold along with her sister to a cruel, Loyalist couple.  The story begins in 1776, during the American Revolution.  Isabel is almost immediately recruited by Curzon, a slave owned by a Patriot, to be a spy.  Isabel really does not care who wins, she just wants the freedom that she and her sister so deserve.  The historic detail bring 18th century New York and the horrors of slavery to life.  I highly recommend picking this one up to read as soon as possible.


New: EMS Millionaire Readers Club!

Looking for a new challenge?  Then look no further than Eastwood Middle School’s newest club:  The Millionaire Readers Club!

So, how do you become a member of this elite society? All you need to do is read and take your Accelerated Reader quizzes!  Every student that reads 1,000,000 or more words, as measured by Accelerated Reader, is automatically a member.  Eastwood students have read over 29,000,000 words this school year already!

What are the benefits of membership? Well, you first get a Millionaire Reader’s Club membership card to carry in your wallet (you’ll need this for admission to the Wii party); you’ll receive a library late fee coupon worth $.50 toward  (you will receive an additional coupon for every 500,000 additional words you read after the first 1,000,000); and you also earn admission to our Spring Nintendo Wii party this February 25!  Don’t miss out on the reading, fun and games!  Keep an eye out as the benefits expand.

Still confused?  Have questions?  Need to see how many words you’ve read? See Mrs. Overstreet in the library!

Spelling Bee Champ!

Our spelling bee went wonderfully this morning.  We had 36 students participate, but of course only one can win.  The rankings:

1st place – Jayla Sanders
2nd place – Alexis Smith
3rd place – Gwenafaye McCormick

Jayla will advance to the Tuscaloosa County Spelling Bee at Northridge High School on January 20, 2010.

All the students did a wonderful job.  We’re very proud of their performance today!  Also, we would like to give a big thanks to the UA graduate students that took time out of their study schedules to come judge, and to Mrs. Brenda Truelove, who, in memory of her father, donated the Barnes & Noble gift cards for our top three spellers.

(L-R) G. McCormick, J. Sanders, A. Smith

Spelling Bee December 8!

The EMS Annual Spelling Bee is just around the corner! I hope all who signed up have been studying up to complete for the title of Eastwood’s best speller! The spelling bee will take place here in the library at 9:30 a.m. Parents are welcome to come. Just stop by the front office to get a visitor’s pass and come down to the library. We look forward to a fun competition. The winner will move on to the county spelling bee on January 20.

Please feel free to contact me via email or call 759-8081 if you have questions.

Ms. Headrick