Banned Books Week Lunch Bunch

Tired of others telling you what you can and can’t read?  Worried about censorship in your school library?  If so, you don’t want to miss our reading and discussion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from the often-challenged Harry Potter series, on Thursday, September 30!  Just bring your bagged lunch from home and report to the library at the beginning of your grade-level lunch shift.  Sign up with your Language Arts teacher.  The last day to sign up is Tuesday, September 28.  See Ms. Headrick if you have questions.


Book Review: The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet

By Erin Dionne

Hamlet is trying her best to fit in and fly under the radar at her middle school.  But between her Shakespeare scholar parents (they walk around in medieval garb!) and her genius sister joining her at school (Desdemona is only seven years old), fitting in is becoming more and more difficult.  There’s also her two nemesis who have befriended Desdemona and the fact that Hamlet turns out to be quite  a good Shakespearean performer (can’t wait until the parents find out about THAT!).  And she’s flunking math.  Can Hamlet come to terms with her family’s oddities?  Can she protect Desdemona from the “mean girls” who want to hang out with her? Read this funny tale to find out!

Book Review – Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites

By Heather Brewer

Vlad is an 8th grader with problems.  He gets bullied by some older students; the principal is constantly on him for nothing; the girl he has a crush on is more interested in his best friend than him; and, not to forget, he’s part-vampire.  Not only does he have to navigate the regular middle school hazards, he also has to work in blood snacks during the day and slather himself with suntan lotion, all with no one else, except his best friend Henry, ever noticing.  On top of everything else, his favorite teacher is missing and the substitute seems to know enough about Vlad and his secrets to make him very nervous.

Book Review: Dead is the New Black

By Marlene Perez

High school student Daisy is a bit abnormal in an abnormal family.  See, her mother and sisters all have psychic abilities.  She does not.  However, Daisy has been paying attention to the weird disappearances and bodies that just up and leave the morgue in her town.  Daisy is also paying attention to the head cheerleader, the most popular girl in school, who returns in the fall sporting the latest in vampire chic.  Is she a vampire?  Why are all the cheerleaders getting sick and going to the hospital?  Is her best friend Ryan really interested in being more than friends?  Read and find out!